Sunday, February 3, 2008

My First Post Where I Say "Welcome" and Show Pictures of Our Valentine's Day Decor

This is my (Abbey's) first post to our brand-new family blog. We've seen so many other people who have created family blogs as a way to record their family's day-to-day happenings and as a way to keep far-away family and friends up to date. WARNING: I will be talking about my kids and the minutia of our lives quite a bit so I don't promise that this will be a thrilling blog for the world at large. But, if you are at all interested in what we had for dinner, Vivian's newest word and how many days in a row Kathryn has peed in the toilet and not in her pants, then WELCOME! Hope you enjoy!

We've been getting into the Valentine's Day spirit here, even though it may be a bit premature. Kathryn has been excited about decorating for Valentine's Day for some time now, so I hauled out the paper, glue and ribbons and we went to town.

First, the windows needed dressing:

Then, it was time to make Valentines for the grandparents (sorry for the sneak preview, G&G Rice and Nain and Taid):

Cookies and heart-shaped muffins will follow in the next two weeks.

I've also been busy making a few baby quilts for babies scheduled to arrive in the next few months. I'll post photos of those as they progress.

In the meantime, the kids have been busy touring the world in a large cardboard box with the top cut off. Sometimes it is a ship "sailing the sea," as Kathryn says, with, as she notes, seatbelts, sometimes it is a train and other times, a car. The girls load it up with about a dozen stuffed bunnies and bears and a pillow or two and then they try to find room for their own wiggly bodies. They have surely been having fun with that box. Best toy they've had in a long time.