Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We Survived: One Family's Story of Their Summer Vacation (part 3)

Ok, so now here are just some photos of the various monuments and places we visited in D.C

 Jefferson Memorial with the cousins

 Dex and Viv contemplating a man who spoke of God-given freedoms and yet kept slaves.  Oh wait, that was me.

She's got the whole Jefferson Memorial, in her hand...

 It was soooo hot that day.  Outside the Lincoln Memorial (at the bottom of the steps) there was a really big sprinkler set up and we all cooled off in that.

 The new Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial.  Nicely done.

So, so hot.  And the temperature was high, too.  Hee hee.

 Aunt Stephanie and some of the kids.

 Dexter pretty much thought the sun rose and set on his cousin Kelsey.  He followed her around all week.  Pretty cute.
Kathryn Hannah and Kamryn Anna - cousins born one month apart.

 We got to see the gorgeous Rachael B. and her beyond adorable baby, Miss Eliza.  Too short a visit, Rachael!! 

 One day Curtis and I just took K&V into the city.  We tricked them into the National Gallery ("Oh, we just have to pass through this museum to get to one you'll like better."), but as it turns out, they quite liked it.
 Kathryn loved the 18th century Italian religious paintings. (What does that mean about her?  She was fascinated.)

 And Viv loved just about everything else, including this Rembrandt.

 Just a funny shot of Dex I forgot to put in earlier.  This was our first day in DC with the whole family at Wendy's.  Poor kid was tiiiiired.
 On the way back, we got to spend a glorious day at the beach on Cape Cod with our good friends, H & L.
 Their CUTE CUTE boys who were so good about sharing their beach toys with our kids.  Thanks, guys!!

Love it, Cape Cod!  We're coming back next year!