Monday, February 13, 2012

They Didn't Get it From Me

Anyone who knows me even a tiny bit knows that me + sports = nope.  I'm just not athletic, nor am I very interested in becoming so.

Kathryn at top center.
So imagine my surprise when it turns out my girls do not totally suck at skiing.  Quite honestly, considering their performance with soccer this past fall, I was expecting that they would be following in my footsteps.  But I guess I forgot they get half of their genes from Curtis and he is quite a respectable skiier.  (And not bad at soccer and racquetball, too, so I guess there is hope for our kids...crossing our fingers.)

I had been hearing about their progress on the mountain from Curtis and their ski instructor (who is a friend of mine), but hadn't actually seen it for myself yet.  So last Saturday, I packed up the little kids and met Curtis and the "big" girls at the mountain for lunch and a little demo.

Here's a little video Curtis made of Viv going down the novice slope - after only three lessons!  (Well, and a lot of practice with dad!)

Kathryn is riding the lift (the novice lift, but still) all by herself these days.  She's so thrilled by it..

You can't really see, but that's Kathryn on the chair ahead, all by herself!
Dexter and Betty can't wait until they turn five and it's time for them to click into skis, too.  Watch out, Black Mountain!  There'll be Rices all over that mountain soon!


Libby said...

Wow!!! Very impressive!!! That must really be fun.

Ann said...

I know how you feel! Every ounce of athletic ability my boys get comes from Amba.

Lisa said...

They are soooo cute! And awesome. And smart, and charming! :)
I hold my breath a lot when it comes to worrying about my kids' athletic ability, too. I am devoid of any balance, aim, or reflexes.

Jean P. said...

Hope to come up soon.... Like next month...
Have an awsome, totally mind winter!

Jean P.