Friday, July 27, 2012

We Survived: One Family's Story of Their Summer Vacation (part 2)

As promised, the photos of Colonial WilliamsHot.  I mean Colonial Steamyburg.  I mean...well, yeah, that's actually what I mean.
It was 99 degrees and very, very humid.  I heard differing numbers, but with the heat
index it was somewhere between 109 and 115 degrees.  Which felt a little warm.  Especially when you are trying to keep a baby happy.  :(

THANKFULLY, pretty much all of the buildings at Colonial Williamsburg were air conditioned, so we tried to spend as much time as possible inside.

Curtis thinks this photo makes us look like bad parents,
but no one was coming in that door, so Annie was safe.

The Governor's Palace walls were lined with guns and swords.  I'll bet you can guess who thought that was fantastic.

Outside the Governor's Palace.


At the end of the day, waiting for the bus to take us back to the Visitor's Center and parking lot.  We didn't take the bus in the morning, but by 5 o'clock, the air conditioned bus looked miiiighty good to us.

So, yes, it was wicked hot and some of the kids were kind of too young for a lot of what was going on there (so we missed a lot of the buildings and outdoor street theater), but I really, really liked Williamsburg anyway and before we had even pulled out of the parking lot, I was planning our next trip back.  In five years. 

And in, like, October.

We'll have to update this photo.  Williamsburg 2017!


Lisa said...

Yes, in 5 years and in October. Wise planning, m'lady!! DC in the summah...worse than Utah in the summah, although it was pretty durned hot when we were having our family reunion, it was NOT humid. And we all know that makes a difference, even if dry heat is still hot, that southern humid heat makes me go, "Oh, so that's why southerners do ever-thang all slow like..."

Morgan said...

Looks like such fun!!