Sunday, November 4, 2012


Grandma wanted new photos of the kids for her Grandma Wall, so after church today, Curtis played photographer and got some good photos of the kiddos.

This kid loves his tie.  He'd wear it to bed if he could.  He's like a little
Alex P. Keaton.  Also, he just told me he wants Mitt Romney to win.

Hee.  Love it.

Curtis told her to think about the color yellow. 
So, here she is, thinking hard.

Where did the tie go????

Mad at Daddy

Over it!

 It really was a lovely day.  The kids were (more or less) well-behaved at church, the photos came out nicely, we had a lot of fun family time taking turns playing Angry Birds on the Xbox, I made a super-delish dinner (whole-wheat pancakes with strawberry-blueberry-raspberry sauce and real whipped cream, and bacon on the side), the kids played so nicely after dinner (they were bears getting ready for hibernation, which meant they had to eat lots more food - cold pancakes and raw green beans - ?) and bedtime went off without incident.  They are all sleeping soundly now, Curtis sitting next to me playing Angry Birds as I type (he really likes this game...) and I'm heading off to bed in a moment.

Lovely, lovely.

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Kim said...

Oh my goodness, it's so fun to see you and curtis' genes all mushed together into adorable little people!