Sunday, March 9, 2014

Get your Welsh on

So, it's surprisingly hard getting back into the blogging swing of things.  Among the things I am reacquainting myself with: typing on a regular, full-sized keyboard rather than a tiny iPod or a tablet. Our last laptop bit the dust many months ago and this new (to us) laptop is taking a little bit of adjusting on my part.  I've gotten awfully used to autocorrect...

These photos are a little over a week old, but worthy of posting.  It's my mother in a really funny hat!  Check her out!

The deal with the outfit is this:  March 1 is St. David's Day, which is a day for Welsh people to celebrate being Welsh, just like St. Patrick's Day is for the Irish.  Only with less green beer, I suppose.  Anyway, mom is dressed in a traditional Welsh outfit, complete with Abe Lincoln hat.  Seriously, look:

For the last few years, my mom and I have been going into the kids' school for St. David's Day to talk a little bit about our Welsh heritage (mom's mother was a Welsh immigrant and her father was the son of Welsh immigrants) and to make a little Welsh treat, Welsh griddle cakes.   

I blogged about St. David's Day a few years ago and posted the recipe for griddle cakes here. 
We have good time and the kids seem to like it.

See?  Don't they look riveted?

Ha!  No, they actually do seem to like the presentation.  My mom puts on a good show, singing the Welsh national anthem for them (in Welsh) and wearing her fun getup, and they also get to help make and cut out the griddle cakes. That's pretty fun when you're seven.

Happy Belated St. David's Day!

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