Saturday, August 21, 2010

and...the time surrounding the wedding

Evan and Jenni's wedding gave us an excuse to get the whole crew together and for several great days, it was All Family, All The Time.

Get ready: zillions of pictures ahead!

The Girls' Pack.
Owen still trying to pretend he's a bada$$ with Baby Bjorn and a pink blanket. Nice try. (At the cookout the night before the wedding.)
Jack making himself at home in Nain and Taid's fridge.

Joey, Asad and Sam at the cookout. (Sam is Mom's cousin Ann's grandson.)

Bree and Grace helping Katie cut rhubarb for a syrup for homemade soda. Yum!
A group shot of the mighty warriors who participated in the Inaugural Boffer Capture the Flag game. Xander made the weapons out of PVC pipe, pool noodles and duct tape. We had a great time!

Dad was...uhhh, super fierce. Can't you tell?

Not surprisingly, Owen made himself a special outfit for the event. As Katie put it on her FB comment, "Owen, you are a weirdo."
Asad teaching the cousins teaching the cousins a game they play in Afghanistan (it involves rolling a ball into a little hole in the dirt).
General hanging out on the porch.

Early morning blueberry picking at Jesse and Sherry's. It's hard to stop - they're just right there and so tasty!

Kathryn and Iris with flowers from the wedding on the porch.

Ethan and kids on the porch.

Kathryn and Bree playing with Barbies.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the fridge picture!

Katie Casas said...

me too! He looks so perfectly suited to that spot. :) Also love the pictures of blueberry picking. Bummed I missed out on that.