Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Apple picking

Last week Kathryn had a field trip to Ricker Hill apple orchard in Turner - our favorite place to go apple picking. Curtis went with her and got some fun photos.
Kathryn and her best pal, Paige

She was pretty excited about the trip. She could hardly sleep the night before and in the morning she kept saying "I can't believe the day has finally come!" She gets a little dramatic, further proclaiming that this was "the best day of my life!"

So, she had fun! She keeps telling people that she knows how apple cider is made and wanting to know if they do, too, because she is only too happy to share her vast knowledge on the subject.
Playing in the corn box.
On the bus ride home.

Funny kid.


Gwennie said...

Oh Abbey she is getting to be so grown up..glad that Curtis was able to go with her...I always love going on field trips..that is IF the kids actually wants me to go...sometimes its just not cool having your mom with you :)

Libby said...

OK, girl. Let's pick up the pace here. I want another blog post bad. Love, mom