Sunday, October 31, 2010

Back on the horse

Oh the shame. It's been nearly a month since I last posted. Somehow I just lost the blogging fever for a little while (I got distracted by other things...) and then got overwhelmed by all the catching up I had to do (because doing a post like this with so many photos takes -FOREVERRRR), so I kept putting it off...that's a cycle that never ends well.

On that note:

We went to Cape Cod earlier in the month to spend time with our friends Henrik and Lara and their cute boys, Ben and Eric. We had fantastic weather which made the whole weekend just that much better.

A little time on the beach...

cheering Ben on at his soccer game (go Falmouth Guppies!!)...
Viv was just sitting there watching the game when this little boy came over and was like:

" you doin'?"

pony rides at the local Pumpkin Festival...

Cute Eric

plus a bounce house and a big slide - that's some awesome fun right there.

A big highlight of the weekend was boat trip to Martha's Vineyard for Henrik and Curtis and the "big kids" (you know, the four and five year olds).

Henrik and Viv on the boat.

Captain Henrik and First Mate Ben.

Viv and Kathryn on the way over.

You know if there's a toilet on the boat it's going to get used...

Playing hopscotch on a street lined with the famous gingerbread houses.

On the carousel on Martha's Vineyard at the indoor (permanent) carnival. The carousel is from 1876!

Kathryn and Viv had fun collecting the rings as they went around and around...

and then Kathryn got the brass ring!! Woohoo! Free carousel ride!

Eating lunch outside.

Eating peanuts al fresco is super fun, especially when you can just chuck the shells on the ground!

On the way home, the winds had picked up and the seas were significantly rougher, causing major seasickness among all on board.

Poor kids!

It took quite a while for everyone to get back to normal... (I can't help it...I giggle every time I see this photo of Kathryn and Ben...Ben looks so sick!)

We even managed to have a few (mostly) kid-free dinners by feeding the kids first, putting them in their pjs and turning on a movie. They loved 101 Dalmations - their expressions were priceless.
Thanks for a super-good time, H&L!


Libby said...

Yay! Glad that you're back on the horse. I'll look for more to come.

Lisa said...

What a great post!! Sounds like an awesome weekend--so many cute moments!

Libby said...

Abbey, I'm needing more posts! Please! I'm having post deprivation!