Friday, December 31, 2010

It's the most un-wonderful time of the year


The dreaded time finally came. Actually, it came about a month ago, but I just kept avoiding it.

It was time to CHANGE THE CLOTHING. Time to switch the 18 month clothes for the 2Ts for Betty, the 2Ts for the 3s for Dex, the 4s for the 5s for Betty and the 5s for the 6s for Kathryn.

Oh blech. It took me two days - I had a babysitter for several hours yesterday and Curtis took care of the kids for most of the day today. There were several baskets of random assorted clothes to sort through, too. A few pairs of six-month-old pjs here, a couple of 12 month shirts there, size 3 dresses in the closet that haven't been worn in a year.

Thank heaven I'm done with that. Now I need to organize my craft room...


Libby said...

Remember something I read years ago, it was in the form of a poem, something about doing lots of dishes after a meal, or doing some mundane household task, and the point was that it showed, "God's been good to us", to give us the food, all the dishes, all the bounty that's reflected in these tasks. So, I would say that God's been good to you, Abbey, to have so much and so many to clothe your children in :-)

AnnW. said... One of my least favorite tasks.

Anonymous said...

Man I hate that job (and am SO HORRIBLE at it!)It feels like it has to be done all the time! It's never ending! AGGH!