Monday, January 3, 2011

Just what was in that Indian food?

Maybe I should just stick to cooking boring stuff, because apparently something in Kathryn's body didn't like something in the chicken tikka masala that I made for dinner. About a half an hour after eating, her eyes started itching, watering, puffing and turning red. Well, no big deal, she may be having a little reaction, we'll just keep her up for a bit to keep an eye on her (no pun intended).

But after taking a closer look and realizing her EYEBALLS were swelling (one in particular), I became a little more concerned. When I realized about two minutes later that it was even MORE swollen, quite noticeably so, I said that's it, take her to the ER. Maybe we were being paranoid, but the white was swelling up and starting to obscure the iris a bit, which JUST DIDN'T LOOK RIGHT.
You can't really tell how swollen the eyeball was here, but take my word for it...

So, Kathryn is thrilled because she feels fine, basically, and she gets to go somewhere, in her pjs, after her siblings have all gone to bed, with just dad. Um, FUN.

We still aren't sure what it was that made her puff up so scarily, but the Benadryl seemed to do the trick (grrr - if only we'd tried that first, I was just sort of freaked out but the BIG SWOLLEN EYEBALL).

Now I need to go through the ingredient list and see if I can narrow it down. Ginger? Nope, she's had that before, same with cumin and coriander. I'm not sure about the paprika or the turmeric. Going to have to do a little experimenting, perhaps.

Anyway. All's well that ends well.

And now, enjoy Kathryn's photo essay or her time at the ER. :)
Get well bear from the ER


Adventures in Housework said...

I'd freak out & forget the meds to if my kids eyeballs started swelling ! Mine youngest had a reaction to yogurt once time, hives allover the left side of her body. Allergies are freaky things! Glad she's feeling better!

Gwennie said...

You did the right thing by taking her....I'd pay WHATEVER to have peace of mind....Now Kathryn and I have something in common...ugly swollen eye photos her mine... :) Love to all :)

Elizabeth said...

Wow! I think I think I would have freaked out too! Glad she is OK now.

Stephanie said...

Oh my. . .glad to hear she is doing well now.

Lisa said...

She is such a cute little trooper!

I'm glad it worked out, and of course, would have done the same thing. Better safe than sorry.