Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Here we go again

I was going to start with the cliche about how the summer flew by and how I can't believe school is starting again already, but really, I barely remember what it was like to have a kiddo in school and to be on some sort of a daily schedule. To be honest, I barely remember much these days, what with the littlest one being in charge of how much sleep I get and all.

It does seem like we've packed a lot into this summer, actually. A baby, a wedding, family visits, lots of beach time (for the kids and Curtis), lots of being too hot while holding a teeny baby and being SO GLAD the bedroom had air conditioning. But, of course, the start of school eventually arrives and we get ready for a new normal.

#1 new normal thing? Breakfast early in the morning, rather than at 8:45 or 9 a.m. when we finally get downstairs and get going (seriously, Betty slept in until 8 or 8:30 almost every morning this summer).

Couple the new breakfast time with the girls' excitement and very little breakfast got eaten this morning, despite our admonitions and warnings about being hungry at school. Viv claimed first that she didn't want to eat so she could save room for her turkey and cheese I packed for lunch. Then she said her tummy was starting to hurt, so I let it go. She had a few bites of yogurt and blueberries and a mini muffin. Good enough.

Funny thing: Vivian didn't realize until YESTERDAY that she was starting school today. We'd been talking about the start of school for weeks and weeks, but she somehow thought that she wouldn't actually go to school until she had her fifth birthday, which isn't until September 21. You should have seen the look on her face when she realized that she would be going to school THE VERY NEXT DAY. Woah.

The official First Day of School shots. Cute. Thanks for the shirts, Nain.

The girls at the schoolyard. Viv looks rather trepidatious here, but when I asked Curtis about it, he said he had told her to look sad for the photo, just goofing around. Pretty convincing, huh?

I think this is a more accurate representation of how they were feeling.

Kathryn being an awesome big sister.

Curtis said she kept her arm around Viv for about five minutes as they walked through the schoolyard, even as they were joined by Kathryn's friends from last year.

Eventually a teacher came and brought Viv over to where the kindergarteners were gathering, and she was without her big sister for the first time.

I think she's in good hands...

...and she marched on in.


Anonymous said...

Wow, a big morning!! Hope they both had a great 1st day of school today. The pictures came out beautiful!
--Kelley T.

Gwennie said...

This post made me laugh AND cry...mostly cry :) how sweet :) Oh yeah and how sweet is the sound of just THREE kids at home ?? Enjoy your lighter load :)