Saturday, August 27, 2011

Venturing out

So, I it turns out I can only spend so many weeks sitting on the couch "recovering" before I have to get out and do something. I did spend a lot of time sitting around after Annie was born, waiting to heal and actually feel better. This was the toughest recovery of them all. Maybe it had something to do with it being my fifth c-section in six years. Bleh.

ANYWAY, I finally did start feeling well enough to venture out, and one of the first outings was to meet my parents (Nain and Taid) and my sister-in-law Sherry and nieces and nephews Iris, Isaac, Xander and Kaylee at a park in Augusta.

It's a great park! The playground is big and fun and it's on the Kennebec River, yet not so close that I was worried about the kids accidentally falling in or anything. Fun side note - the girl Kathryn, Viv and Iris were making friends with in the above photo turned out to be my friend Dinah's niece!

Nain photographing Betty.

Kaylee was Betty's shadow all day. It was great - I didn't have to worry about her at all!

Homeless guy in the park.

Oh no, wait - that's Taid. He makes a great pillow.

This looks like an ad for a TV show, When First Graders Go Bad or Tuff Girls or something like that.

For the record, Annie was there.

The kids all had new school shirts from Nain and Taid and they all changed into them at the park for the photos.

After a good long time at the park, including a picnic lunch, we went to the Maine State Museum. It was really great!

Old trains...

old saws...

tons of taxidermy...

I mean tons. The kids LOVED it.

Dad had a great time looking at the gems. There's some really pretty stuff there!

The whole crew at the end of a tiring day. So much fun!

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Lisa said...

Oooooh! I love it, I love it! I've been thinking about you a lot lately. Glad to see you surrounded by family (read: extra pairs of hands!) And out enjoying a summer day adventure!

Hooray for school! I bet Viv is soooo excited, and you'll have a little smaller load to carry for a few hours a day. :)

Xoxo to you all!