Sunday, June 13, 2010

Inaugural lawn mowing

Curtis mowed the lawn for the first time yesterday with our newly purchased lawn mower.

From above (from, say a third or fourth story window) you can see that it's still pretty patchy, but it's getting there.

We also bought some plants at the Rumford Historical Society's Annual Lawn and Plant sale. We bought raspberries, a rose bush, lily of the valley and some hosta. This whole garden/lawn bit is going to take a while, but I'm liking the results so far.

Speaking of the Rumford Historical Society, Curtis managed to convince someone else to take over as president for the coming year. Yay! As part of the bargain, however, Curtis promised to serve as secretary and to take over as president again the following year if no one else agrees to do it. Can you believe not many people are up for the glamour and excitement of being the president of the local historical society?


Lorna said...

It is already one good looking yard.

Katie Casas said...

Awesome! I find it so satisfying to grow plants -I hope you guys enjoy it too.

My Ugly Garden said...

Wow, the lawn has filled in quickly and nicely! I bet the kids are loving it.

Gwennie said...

Looks AWESOME!!!!! Cant wait to see it in person...we ARE coming :)