Monday, June 14, 2010

Small town famous and focaccia bread

The first time I had a story printed in our local paper (The Rumford Falls Times), I got quite a thrill from seeing my name in print. That whole by Abbey Casas Rice thing looked so exciting to me! After a few years as a reporter, the thrill wore off a bit but it never got old, seeing what I had written all over town, knowing that thousands of people read my words. Best job I ever had. I'm sure I would miss it if I ever had time to stop and think about it.
So, after quite an absence, the Rice family has made another appearance in the Times.

Fun, huh? Although really, as anyone who has ever read the Times can attest, it's not too darn hard to get in the paper. You can send in a picture of yourself weeding your garden and they'll put it in. It's a friendly sort of paper.
(If you can't read it, the photo is of Curtis, Kathryn, Vivian and Dex following the newly painted "hoof prints" of the Babe the Blue Ox statue downtown leading to the Paul Bunyan statue at the Info Center.)

I've been making focaccia bread lately and it has been a big HIT with the whole fam. The recipe is here . I added some rosemary and a little more salt and omitted the mozzarella cheese. Very tasty.

Viv loved dipping the bread in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. (The weird looking things in the oil are tomato seeds - the tomatoes were dipped as well.)

We've also been enjoying our basil quite a bit, as evidenced by this Caprese salad. I can't wait until we have our own tomatoes!


Elizabeth said...

The focaccia looks amazing, especially with that beautiful caprese salad....nothing say summer like that dish :)

Anonymous said...


When I first moved back to NY, I lived in a little town and found the paper quite fascinating. They reported on slumber parties. For real. It was like the social page for 10 year olds.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry I printed Kathryn's name incorrectly. I struggled to remember if Curtis told me an "e" or not....but the picture speaks louder than the words. Loved that day! Freshly back from Texas....
Cherri Crockett