Monday, May 16, 2011


Soooo....birthdays. We've had a few lately and of course, they did not get blogged. Huh.

Dex turned three on March 26 and had a rocket ship party at Nain and Taid's house (his choice - he loves going to Nain and Taid's more than anyplace in the world).

Believe it or not, it's pretty hard to find rocket ship stuff. Disney-themed stuff is EVERYWHERE (if it's licensed, Wal-Mart will sell it!) but good old classic rocket ship stuff? Verrrry little. So, we played pin the astronaut on the rocket ship, all drawn by me, and had a pinata. Unfortunately, it was a car (because, again, no rocket ship stuff). Fortunately, Dexter didn't care that it was the wrong vehicle, because there was CANDY in it and he got to HIT IT. It could have been a My Little Pony pinata and he would have been cool with that.

I'm pretty lame, though, and took hardly any photos. :( I just got too busy being in charge, I guess. Anyway, we did get photos of the cake, so that's something. He loved that cake. He talked about it for weeks. Still talks about it, in fact.

For Betty's second birthday party (April 29), we seriously lucked out in the photography department. Our friend Michael Whitman (Google him - Michael Whitman Photography) was able to come with his caaaaameraaaaa. Yay! This birthday was much more respectably photographed. He does a great job!

Betty put the hat on herself and wouldn't let me adjust it.

Little Unicorn. :)

We decorated party hats with stickers and threw paper streamer thingys - what are those called? I can't remember, but they are in the photo.

These guys were super helpful.

I love this photo of Xander. He's such a great kid. Almost fifteen but not too old to decorate a hat and even wear it. He's so good with the little ones.
Serious focus.

Iris and Betty having a little fun.

Opening presents.

A shot of Betty wearing her rainbow backpack, made entirely by Sherry. She's kind of awesome.

Betty's rainbow birthday cake. I was a little weary of frosting, frosting, frosting and wasn't thrilled about all the food coloring I had used in Dex's rocket ship cake, so I did fruit instead. Jenni made a delicious whipped cream/cream cheese frosting, which was perfect.

And everyone seemed to love it.

Happy Birthday, Dex and Betty!! xoxo

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Anonymous said...

happy birthday to your cuties!! i can't get over how much hair betty has! xo