Saturday, May 7, 2011

For Mother's Day...

As a Mother's Day gift to my wonderful mother, Libby, and my wonderful mother-in-law, Lorna, I hereby promise to post AT LEAST WEEKLY on The Kitchen News so they can see their lovely grandchildren and, on occasion, their children.

Here are some photos we took on a Saturday in February (or maybe March??) at Black Mountain. It was a family fun day or something like that, so after Kathryn had a ski lesson in the morning and we had hot dogs at the lodge for lunch, we took a sleigh ride. It was FUN! The kids were all on their best behavior - so lovely.

(Speaking of ski lessons, Kathryn was so in love with skiing this year that, one afternoon, she decided to make paper skis and snowboards and tape them them on to the little plastic animals we have. Viv helped.)

(She also made a ski mountain and a lodge, as seen here. They had a little line of animals waiting to take their turn on the ski lift and then they would slide down the book.)

After the sleigh ride we went bowling with Kathryn's best friend Paige and her family.

Kathryn and Paige.

Check out Betty's little bowling shoes. CUTE.

Dex doing a victory jump after his ball actually hit a pin.

Viv was focused, if not entirely accurate...

We had fun!

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