Sunday, May 15, 2011

House tour and new bathroom!

A while back the editor of the local newspaper (where I used to work - goooooo RUMFORD FALLS TIMES!) came over to do a story on the renovation progress at our house for their annual home improvement insert. While we are not 100% done with the house yet, we figured we had enough done to allow him in with a camera. He took some great photos and we took some of our own as well. I mean, the house was really clean! Gotta document that, right?

Here are some of the photos of some of the rooms in the house.

Bruce (my old boss/editor), the kids and I in the kitchen.

The kids trying to get popsicles out of the freezer. They got to have one after all the pictures were taken and it didn't matter if they had red-stained mouths and clothes.

The hallway on the first floor with some of our random wall decor - including a weird old rubber head that Curtis found at a thrift shop (I think it was from a life-sized Nativity - he looks like one of the Wise Men). He loves it. I tolerate it.

The second floor.

Kathryn playing with an old typewriter - something all the kids love to do.

Ta-dah! The new bathroom on the second floor with our high-tank toilet. We love it.

This is the original tub. The tile is new and Curtis refinished the wood.

Original sink, cheap(ish) antique shop mirror.

We still have to put the wooden thresholds back. The guy who did the tile had to remove them to shave them down and make them fit and hasn't brought them back yet. Hmmm. We should call him.

Betty's room.

Our bedroom. Perhaps the least exciting of the whole house, decor-wise.

One of my FAVORITE rooms in the house - the third-floor bathroom. It was the first room we ever finished and I used to go in there and close the door and pretend that the rest of our house wasn't a ridiculous construction zone.

Kathryn's room, fourth floor. I love this room.

Curtis did almost all of the work in this room himself.

Ditto for Viv's room. He did a great job. I, however, made the quilt.

Even though Viv's room is the size of a closet, I do think it might be favorite room in the house. I love the blue and pink.

And, lest you think we are all done with this house, behold the other two rooms on the fourth floor. Sigh. We'll get there.


Adventures in Housework said...

You have done a beautiful job! We built our house & it is a labor of love but once it's finished it's all yours! I remember days of having the baby in the playpen & trying to keep her dry while rain came through the ceiling, lol. It was a pain then but we laugh now. Emma survived learning to walk in the construction zone so will yours. :)

Anonymous said...

That high-tank toilet is very exciting, I must say! Lovely photos, Abbey! Love ya!

Linley said...

I'm in love with your house. Thanks for sharing the pictures! We live in a 1907 foursquare, stained glass, pocket doors, and loads of character. I don't think I could ever go back to new house living, although it is a lot of work.

I'm just really impressed with all you've done.

rjblumenberg said...

oh my goodness you house looks amazing!
the bathrooms, the quilts, the stain of the wood, the colors on the walls, even the creepy rubber wise man's head - love it all!
I can't wait to come and visit!