Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This year I used a combination of apples from my parents' trees and some from other local orchards.

The apples from my parents' trees required a little more work - more cutting out of spots, etc., but I think the combo of all the different types of apples made for a more interesting-flavored applesauce.
It was a little tart but some brown sugar and cinnamon made it just super.

Love it.


Lisa said...

Oh! Droooool......I love homemade applesauce!! So much.

I will be making some in the next week or so, myself. Yummery yum!

And I am back to my expected schedule of Wednesdays and Thursdays at work, Friday at class, so maybe I could come up and hang out on a Monday or Tuesday in the near future! (I worked a bunch of extra days the last 2 weeks, so I'm a little winded...)

Libby said...

Beautiful, Ab! Glad you were able to use the apples.

Dawnelle Anderson said...

Will you post the recipe. It looks delicious. Do you can this or just eat it. If you have a good applesauce that you can, post that.

Elizabeth said...

Oh my, that looks so delicious!!