Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cooking + Reading + Apology Pie

So, my friend Lisa lent me these books from a series called The Hunger Games. I cracked the first one Tuesday morning and by today at about noon I had finished the second one, Catching Fire.

A leetle addictive. Just a smidge.
This is how I got cooking done over the last two days:

(Also, when I am caught up in a book like this, I don't really cook, per se. It's, you know, pasta and sandwiches. That sort of thing.)
This is me stirring the filling for a Coconut Cream Apology Pie. It's a little different from a regular coconut cream pie in that one only makes this particular pie when one has been really obnoxious to one's dear husband for no good reason at all and then that husband is gone for the day without a cell phone and the obnoxious wife feels really bad because she can't call to apologize so she makes his favorite pie instead.

And the dear husband forgives the obnoxious wife even BEFORE he sees the Coconut Cream Apology Pie. That's love.

It was good pie. Still is. It's in the fridge and calling to me, so I'm thinking the neighbors might be getting a few slices of pie. No need to make myself sick on top of it all.

(p.s. I know it looks like the book was pretty close to the burners, but I was careful. No worries.)


This is my 100th post of the year! Who the heck is reading this blog? I know who some of you are, but sometimes I get 30 or 40 people visiting this site a day (I know! Eat your heart out, Perez Hilton.) and I don't know who you are. If you are so inclined, leave me a comment so I know who's reading. I'm just curious.


Jesse said...

I am reading, and enjoying, your blog. You are one of the people that inspired me to write a little more. Thank you very much!

P.S. If you feel like being obnoxious to me, I will forgive you. Also, FedEx from you to me, probably would work fine. Just sayin, pie looks awesome.

MMW said...

I read! I read! Keep blogging. I love knowing what's going on at the opposite side of the country.

I'd love the recipe please. Anything to make those apologies turn out in my favour.

And yes - Hunger games books are fantastic.

xoxo MMW

Libby said...

I don't believe that you were obnoxious to Curtis. Your definition of obnoxious is probably what some of us would say is standard operating behavior. I went in the kitchen today and made corn chowder and cup custard, but no pie, apology or otherwise. Suppose I should?

rjblumenberg said...

I am always delighted to find another entry, and seem to continuously come away inspired. I am honored to have a window into the every day adventures of your family, access to your culinary prowess and your insights on the world. Thank you for sharing xo

Tami Casas said...

I'm reading Abbey! Love and miss. :)

Katie Casas said...

I read! Love it!

Elizabeth said...

That pie is gorgeous!!! What a "sweet" apology :)

Anonymous said...

i love reading your blog and getting little glimpses into your world!
(and i'm tapping my fingers, waiting for that pumpkin cookie recipe! ;)

My Ugly Garden said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I always enjoy reading your blog.

Amanda said...

I read and I enjoy and I relate!
Thanks for making my life seem that much more normal!

Alessandra said...

I read and enjoy and love it!
keep it up Abbey

Alessandra said...

Alessandra. Bah. Who knows about her. I'm Susi, form Italy =))))

Reagan Family said...

I'm reading! I love to watch you family and all the things you do. Hopefully we can meet up again someday! Love Ya, Danae (aka Sister D. Sharp)

Amy said...

Abbey darling, I so enjoy your blog; it's like a little slice of home:) I often pop in to catch up on what y'all are up to.

Morgan Moore said...

You know I'm reading! Happy 100th post!!