Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What I do

Here's what I feel I do a lot of:

* getting drinks of water or milk

* stepping in to avert WWIII

* picking up stuff - legos, jackets, dress up clothes

* reading...the same picture book...14 times in a row

* saying "what's wrong?" or "what happened?" or "be NICE" or "careful!"

* figuring out what to make for dinner that they will eat, will be good for them and will not require getting out the vacuum to clean up (not a lot fits into this category...)

* hugging the kiddos and being continually amazed at how darn cute they are

* wiping noses (currently - three out of four with colds)

* contemplating another go at Weight Watchers

* justifying ignoring the laundry...though this cannot go on forever (or can it...? hmmmm)

* resorting to Blues Clues or Dora or Dinosaur Train when the screeching gets to be too much

* reminding myself how lucky I am to be able to be at home with all of this insanity - no, I really do think so, just have to remember to be grateful

Still, sometimes it's enough to make me want to do this:

p.s. I am not digging the new format I've got going on here. It looks funky and I can't figure out how to get the old one back. I guess I'll say the blog is undergoing a half-hearted renovation.


Heather Parker said...

I see your oldest is around 4 or 5. :) My oldest is 14 so I have a few answers for you ;)

*Yes you can ignore the laundry forever!! So far it has not run away or been stolen! It has multiplied and made many items that my children swear do not belong to them and they do not recognise. Perhaps homeless people are adding to the pile...who knows?

*You will FOREVER be saying "what's wrong?" or "what happened?" or "be NICE" or "careful!" but you must add the following to it "Why would you do that?" and "What were you thinking" and "Where have you been??" not to mention the ever ready "Leave your sister alone!"

On the bright side all my children now attend school so i can drop them off, come home and look around while wondering what would posses them to do the things they do! LOL

Anonymous said...

Ah yes. 6 years ago I was exactly where you are now. And what memories you brought back. You got it exactly dead on. And strangely enough, I miss it sometimes. I never thought I would say that. Ever. Its amazing the difference 6 years can make. Thanks for making me smile.

Gwennie said...

I love ya Ab..you are super mom....just take comfort in the fact that there are woman all over the world feeling your pain :)

Anonymous said...

have you read shirley jackson's life among the savages? i have a feeling you would love it.
you know, in all that spare time i'm sure you have to lounge about reading grown up books. ;)

My Ugly Garden said...

Fear not! You are not alone. I had to smile, because my list is almost identical. Two items I find myself saying a lot: "my name is not but" in response to "but, mom!" and "if it's not food or a toothbrush, it doesn't go in your mouth."


Lisa said...

Ah, the good ole days...
You make me not miss 'em at all!!!
Make no mistake: you are doing the hardest job in the world. You also happen to be doing the best job possible at fulfilling that role, so pat yourself on the back once in a while. :) (But don't even blink, or they will all be grown up!)