Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kind of awesome in the kitchen

Some days I go into the kitchen and put a bunch of stuff together and make something totally delicious, like this soup, and I think to myself, "Self, you are kind of awesome in the kitchen."

This is a corn chowder that I kept putting more stuff in - onions, potatoes, carrots, sausage, fresh corn, a little Velveeta (again with the Velveeta!), milk, chicken broth. It was officially Yum. Curtis is eating his third bowl as I type this.

Note: This is not every day. Some days I give my kids fish sticks and I think to myself, "Self, you are kind of lame in the kitchen."


Katie Casas said...

I love those kind of kitchen days. Wish I could have a bowl.

Gwennie said...

looks good :)

Lisa said...


I want to eat that.

Also, I think I have a blog for ya.
Time will tell...

Fighting Entropy and Losing


Lisa said...

Speaking of kind of awesome in the kitchen...I just polished off 2 or 3 of your infamous chocolate chip cookies! They came out a little flat today, but still just as tasty! (I accidentally cooked the first pan on 350 instead of 375)

Elizabeth said...

Yum! It looks so delicious.