Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Check it out.

Years of yearning, followed by years of hard work and dogged study, and she now has her MD.

I'm so proud it borders on ridiculous.

We went to Burlington, Vermont, for the graduation weekend and had a great time doing this:

Cousins and Assad playing "telephone"
Pre-graduation lunch at Katie and Ethan's apartment.
My lemon curd cake

Lining up before graduation - right before I started to cry and made Katie start to cry.
Hooding ceremony
Where Annie saw most of the graduation - in the doorway of the overflow.
University of Vermont College of Medicine Class of 2012

A fireplace in the library where the after-grad reception was held

Gorgeous ladies at the reception

Congratulations, Katie.  Have fun healing all the sick people in Philadelphia!

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Lisa said...

I'm a little teary, myself! What an amazing accomplishment. I am full of awe.
Also, I want some lemon curd cake. :)