Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spa Day

The girls have been sort of obsessed with  "mani-pedis" as they love to call them.  I don't think they really know exactly what they are, but they have the idea that they are "girly" and involve nail polish.  Sold!  They've been saving their coins for a mani-pedi (or, rather, to buy nail polish) and have been coming up with all sorts of ideas to raise money.  They have made lots of batches of "perfume" (sticks, leaves, flowers, peppermint candies) and sold them (Curtis and I bought a lot of 5 cent bottles of perfume), little hors d'ouvres (they call them "recipes" and usually consist of something like a little piece of cheese on a cucumber slice skewered by a pretzel stick, or a cheerio with a raisin squished onto it - 2 cents a pop!).

Anyway,  they also have the idea that a foot bath is really super - sort of practice for the pedicure portion of the mani-pedi.  So, I let them have foot baths today after school, and, of course, Dex and Betty wanted in on that action.  A little sprinkle of bath salts, some scented oil, a rose-petal shaped soap floating in the bowl, and they were thrilled.

Viv has learned how to "pose."  Ugh.

Then, as their little feet soaked, I let them watch TWO EPISODES of their favorite TV show involving fairies and magic and sparkly outfits.

I know.  I'm the best mom EVER.

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Lisa said...

YOU ARE!!!! That is far too cute.

And yaaaay for Viv learning to're in for some fun there!