Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Kathryn finally found a four-leaf clover!  She's been looking for years and earlier today she actually tried to trick me (jokingly) into thinking she'd found one by splitting one of the leaves on a regular three-leaf clover.  When she yelled that she'd found one a while later, I didn't believe her. 

She told me she's not the boy who cried wolf, she's the girl who cried four-leaf clover.  :) 


Gwennie said...

Funny and LUCKY girl :) she looks like you in this pix Ab :)

Libby said...

Abbey, when she was with us in Vermont on Saturday night as we were driving to the Low's house, she said that she saw a camel. Dad said, yes, those mountains do look like they're in the shape of a camel. She said no, it was a real camel that she saw. I bit my tongue and didn't say, there are no camels in Vermont. I remembered when Evan had come home from kindergarten and told us that a helicopter had landed on the playground at Prescott, and I didn't believe him. I told him that it was wrong to lie. He insisted that a helicopter had landed on the playground at Prescott. So I said, I'll call Mrs. Kennard, thinking he would say, don't do that, I was just kidding. So I called her up and she said yes, a helicopter had landed on the playground at Prescott. A father of one of the kids was in the air national guard or something like that and had arranged it. So, on the way back to Burlington on Sunday morning we took the same road we had traveled the night before and what do you know! We passed a farm. With a camel. You've just got to believe kids sometimes.