Thursday, April 22, 2010

Burgers, ribbons, a quasi-celebrity spotting

First off, isn't this a fine sight first thing in the morning? Parker off to work. How would you like it if this guy showed up at your door and said "Hi! My name is Parker and I'll be your mover today!"
We had another good day. Mani-pedis in the a.m with Mary (Curtis opted out and went exploring for a few hours - probably a good choice) then a little shopping at New York Cake and Bake (cake decorating/baking supply store - AWESOME). I can't believe Curtis missed THAT, too. I'm sure he was really bummed not to have hooked back up with us in time to enjoy that shop. There were so many cute cupcake papers and sanding sugars to pore over. And really, if you know Curtis at all, you know there is nothing that man loves better than a good selection of adorable cupcake papers.
We also had lunch at the Shake Shack which has become a New York institution. Verrrry good burgers, fries and shakes.

As we were finishing up, Eli Kirshtein, a contestant on Top Chef, Season 6 showed up and sat right behind Curtis. I liked Eli on the show, I thought he was a strong contender, so I whipped out the camera and "took a picture of Curtis."
Hm. I think Eli might have known I was really taking his picture. What do you think? (You can't see so much in a photo this small, but he's actually staring right into the camera.)
After burgers and fries we went to the Empire State building, where it was really windy, but cool to see the whole city. Thanks for the tickets, Henrik and Lara!
Then, Mary and Curtis indulged me in a visit to Tinsel Trading Co., purveyors of fine ribbons and trims, many of them vintage.
I would have spent a considerably longer time in this store but I wanted Curtis and Mary to still love me at the end of the day.

It's a lovely store.
Dinner was at Rachel and Ilan's place in Brooklyn. I forgot to take pictures of their adorable kids before they went to bed, but did get one of Rachel and I.

There's just something about a friend you've had since you were six years old or however old we were when we first met at Damariscotta Beach. I have about four girlfriends I know I will keep in touch with for the rest of my life and Rachel is one of them.
As it turns out, with all the fun stuff we did today, dinner at Rachel and Ilan's was by far the winner, for both Curtis and I.

Tomorrow, the MoMA and a cupcake tour of New York!

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Rachel said...

YAY Abbey - we were so happy to have you and Curtis over and I can't wait for our kids to have the chance to make Maine memories (and NYC ones) in the years to come!!