Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We got this in the mail the other day - one of the bills we're still working on from when Kathryn had her cancer-thingy last year. (I feel weird saying "Kathryn had cancer" because it was relatively easily resolved and we have moved on. I know a few other families still dealing with their children's cancer that is a significantly bigger deal, but still, I guess it's true, Kathryn technically had cancer. A cancerous growth. Whatever.)

Anyway, getting stuff like this in the mail always stops me for a moment. It just doesn't seem right, seeing my child's name associated with cancer. When Curtis and I took her down to Portland last February (or March?) for her first appointment with the pediatric oncologist, we both looked at each other as we walked into the building marked "Maine Cancer Program" like "huh? what are we doing here?!"

Tomorrow it will be a year exactly since we went down to Boston to have more tissue and two lymph nodes (which were clear) removed. We are so grateful that all is well with Kathryn, no more melanoma. We are also so grateful for doctors, prayers, support, meals and love. Thanks, everybody.


Libby said...

Thankful, indeed, thankful.

Dawnelle Anderson said...

I hate medical bills and Eric has good insurance!! But I am thankful for medical technology and doctors. Glad she is doing good and it is a thing of the past. I will be grateful when we are at that point. Right now we live in a 3-4 month time period, waiting for the next PET scan, but enjoying everything until then. I try to enjoy my kids - even when I am yelling at them

Gwennie said...

so much has happend this past year....has gone by fast but I am grateful to be able to say that my niece HAD cancer...past you all-Gwennie