Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More NYC

So, I haven't been able to post photos of our last day in NYC until now for a variety of reason (bad internet connections, camera not in my possession, etc.) but here they are.

This is a shot of the bakery case at Crumbs, a popular bakery chain in New York. They certainly had a wide selection of cupcakes (with the calorie content posted by each one...yikes), and the two we sampled were very tasty, but...can I say this without sounding obnoxious? The kind I make at home are better. At least I will say that about the two chocolate cupcakes we tried.

Still...yummy. I'm bummed that we didn't make it to the other bakeries we wanted to get to (Magnolia and Billy's) but really. You can't do EVERYTHING in NYC.

I sort of like this shot of Curtis with the buildings in the background. Very city. It reminds me that New York has more people that Rumford. Just a few.

Super-duper yummy street food. I wish I could make chicken like this. I don't even know what's in it but I loved it.

We spent quite a while at the Museum of Modern Art, too. There was an exhibit there with some performance artist involving a lot of naked people doing strange stuff. For example: to get through one of the entrances to the exhibit you had to squeeze between a naked dude and a naked chick who were staring at each other, expressionless. Hmm. We passed on that. In fact, Mary and I opted out of the majority of that exhibit. Mary, who does not like most modern art, pronounced it "garbage." I felt that it was perhaps a case of the emperor's new clothes (literally - a lot of nekkid going on) and Curtis's take was that it was interesting in that it had the potential to spark conversation and debate.

This shot shouldn't be too controversial. Just me in front of a painting with good color.


Lisa said...

The whole trip sounds--and looks--marvelous!

I'm so glad you were able to go to the MS show. :)

I'm still quite bummed that I wasn't able to help you out, and totally looking forward to giving you guys another night off sometime! :) We should have a bunch of time this summer, while my boys are in Utah for 4-6 weeks, if that works for you.

Katie Casas said...

Yes, you can say you make better cupcakes. What is it with purchased cupcakes? Almost always not as amazing as I want them to be...

Libby said...

Your cupcakes are absolutely better than the ones at that store.