Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Martha's nice!

Or at least she seems so! That was the surprise of the Martha show - it appeared that she actually was pleased to see her audience and seemed to care if people were having a good time - even off camera! She also seemed to have a sense of humor and appeared to be pretty nice to the people she was working with. So, huh. Alright.

The above photo is of Martha answering questions from the audience after the show was over and the cameras had stopped rolling and she totally didn't have to stay there. I thought she was pretty cool about it.

I really had a great time at the Martha show. We got there just a little before 8:30 a.m., which is the time they had said to show up and the line was already really long!! Oh no!! It turns out it didn't really matter, in terms of getting a good seat, because we were seated in the front row - on the floor, where the special guests sit! Cool! We had gotten the tickets from Curtis's friend Aaron Caramanis, who is a set decorator on the show (and has also been on the show a bunch of times demonstrating projects with Martha and has won two Emmys!).

(Aaron and I. He was so gracious and friendly to me, a slightly crazed Marthaphile.)

We were seated right next to a lady from the Rit Dye company. Rit Dye was being used in one of the craft projects and they gave bottles out to the audience so that lady was on camera briefly. She was super friendly and chatty and really excited to be there. She's in the photo of Aaron and I.

So, even though our seats were really cool, the camera was never really swung our direction so we were never on TV. That was ok, though. It was really fun anyway.
One funny thing that happened - the warm-up guy, Joey Kola, was trying to get the audience excited before the show started and he made some joke about bribing the audience members who were clearly dragged their by their wives (you know, the guys who were looking around for the exits and not giddily clapping like all the bright-eyed ladies surrounding them) and he handed out a few dollar bills - and Curtis got one. Of course.

After the show we went back to Mary's apartment to drop off all the free stuff we got at the show. (Rit Dye! Wilton food coloring! Paint samples! A paint brush! It was the color show.)

After that we spent several great hours at the Met. Such a great museum - so much to see!

On the steps of the Met.

So many pictures to take...

Fresh flowers in the huge foyer. So pretty!

Mary checking out Byzantine jewelry.

Mary thinks modern art is ridiculous but we made her take a photo in front of the lipsticks, as selling that stuff at Bloomingdale's is how she pays the bills.

A trip to Zabar's was fun.

Ate some bread and brie on a park bench.

Then we did a little celebrity spotting - saw both Alan Alda (in a little Verizon store wearing a sort of weird old trench coat) and Liam Neeson (crossed the street - Broadway - at the same time - he was tall and thin).

Walked around a lot, got sandwiches at a deli, went back to Mary's apartment at 9:30 p.m. to eat the sandwiches, hung out, went to sleep.

Now we're about to embark on another day!

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Um, just so you know, you look smoking!! in these pictures.