Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brimfield, baby!

We LOVE Brimfield! It's the biggest outdoor antique market in the country and it's held three times a year in Brimfield, Massachussetts. We haven't been since we started having kids five years ago, so we were so excited to get away for 24 hours (THANK YOU Michael and Lisa for watching the munchkins!!) to take it all in last week.
(It was rainy and humid so my hair just kept getting
bigger and bigger and frizzier and frizzier.)
(Fantastic vintage French ribbon.)

Since Brimfield is about a four hour drive away, we left the night before and stayed at a really swanky place (yeah...a Day's Inn...). It was nice to wake up when we felt like it, rather than when a two-year-old felt like attacking us in our bed. We spent a lovely hour or two in the morning watching the news (no Dora! no Wonder Pets!). However, Curtis has an experiment going on right now where Fox News is his only news source for a month to see if a steady diet of it changes his worldview. That means no CNN, no Daily Show, no Colbert Report (sad). I tell you, I am both fascinated and appalled by Fox News. If you are not a regular viewer, give it a look once in a while. It is really something else.
Anyway, we watched a lot of Fox News (which resulted in a lot of "Wow! I can't believe they said that with a straight face!" and "!??!!?!???!!!"), after which we hit the antique fields.

There is SO MUCH to see there, it's all so interesting and it just keeps on going, field after field. You really can't see it all.

We ended up getting three things, two of which I forgot to photograph (and were just little things) so maybe I'll put in a later post. The big purchase, however, was....

(At home)
a TABLE! Yep, we strapped that baby to the roof of the Subaru and cruised all the way back to Maine.

(Curtis inspecting the table before we bought it.)

We like it. It's not perfect, and certainly not an antique (just sort of finished to look olde) but it was sturdy, the right size and the right price, so there we go. We couldn't fit around our little old table anymore. It was time.
We still need to get a bench to go along the wall side and then we'll just have the four chairs around the rest. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it.

(Us, cruising back to Maine.)

(One of the many photos I took of myself on the ride

home because it was a long drive and I was bored.)


Anonymous said...

Wow! That market sounds fantastic.

Wow! That experiment sounds nightmarish.

Michael - Innkeeper said...

oh my goodness! look at all that cool stuff! love it all.

Morgan Moore said...


I miss that place.

Like BAD!