Thursday, July 1, 2010


It seems that all my favorite crafty bloggers are talking about quilts these days, which has gotten me thinking about my own quilt collection.

Most of the quilts I have made I have given away, and though I have photographed most of them, I'm not sure where those photos have ended up. Bummer.
At any rate, I decided to make a pass through the house and photograph the quilts we have in the house, whether made by me or someone else.
First up: the first quilt I ever made.
It's small, baby-sized. I made it for Vivian before she was born and I had SO MUCH fun picking out these fabrics with my sister Gwen. That was four years ago now!
I love this quilt. Mom made it for me with a bunch of my old t-shirts and scraps of fabric from dresses or others things she has sewn for me over the years, including my wedding dress. There is also some fabric in here from curtains that hung in our kitchen in the 1970s-80s.

This quilt is all sorts of nostalgic for me.
Isn't Betty gorgeous in this photo? She was so tired. I was sort of delaying her nap at this point because I wanted to take these photos and some of the quilts were in her room.
Then I put her down to sleep and she was so out I could take a picture of her sleeping with the quilt Grandma Rice made for her last Christmas when they were visiting. She sleeps with it every night unless it's too warm. It's so snuggly!!
After putting Betty to bed, I moved on to Dex's room, where he was working hard at Not Napping. Mission accomplished, kid. This is the quilt that Grandma made for him. Ditto on the sleeping with it every night unless it's too warm.

I love this quilt! I bought it at a yard sale for $1. For real. It's all hand quilted, probably 1930s era. I still can't believe I got it for $1. It was at a friend's yard sale and I tried to tell her I needed to give her more for it, but she was in major Purge Mode and just wanted to get it out of her house. Ok, score for me!

This quilt is in Viv's room but I actually made it for Kathryn.
I had had the squares cut out for quite a long time but had never motivated myself enough to finish it. Then, in early 2009 when Kathryn was diagnosed with melanoma, it suddenly became very important to me to finish this quilt. Not sure why. I remember sitting next to her bed in the hospital, waiting for her to wake up after surgery, stitching on the binding. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

This is Vivian's Grandma Quilt (what the girls call them). She sleep with it every night, I just folded it up for the picture.

Kathryn's Grandma Quilt (fabrics most decidedly picked out by Kathryn, by the way) is currently keeping Balloonie and his wife, Fiona, warm. Balloonie and Fiona are deflated mylar balloons that for some reason the girls think are super fun to take care of, tucking in at night and so forth. Whatever.
Actually, as I was working on this post, Kathryn looked over my shoulder and gave me the lowdown on Balloonie and Fiona. They are in the hospital "because they were losing air." Fiona was rescued from from behind the couch, apparently, and reunited with "her beloved husband."

So, this ends our tour of the Rice House Quilts. Hope you enjoyed!


Libby said...

I LOVE this, Abbey! Well done. Thanks for the info on Balloony and Fiona, too. It's so important for kids to let their imaginations loose, and yours sure have with this "couple".

PĆ¼ppilottchen said...

I really did!! Love quilt-stories and other cute ones :)