Thursday, July 29, 2010


So, even though we have finished 11 rooms in this house, we still have more to go.

I can't believe it either. This house is the Project That Will Never End.
This is what's in the works right now:

This is on the second floor and will be another bathroom (the room on the right) and a library/office for Curtis (the room through the door to the left - even though it currently has the tub in it, it's not the bathroom).

Anyway, it's dusty here on the second floor and I really dislike the dust. Soon we'll be at the point where we can clean up. Oh wait, shoot. I just forgot Curtis has to refinish the floor in the library, too, so it will be a while. Argh.

I just have to remind myself that once upon a time our third floor bathroom looked as bad, if not worse, and now it looks like this:


Totally unrelated: Vivian has been doing a thing lately where when she talks about things that happened a long time ago, it's always "in the time of Jesus." It's funny to me.

Oh wait - I just heard her say "in the time before people, when there were only bugs and animals." I guess she's thinking both theology and science. Or something.


Laurie said...

Remember the movie the Money Pit? I always enjoy that :)

I guess you can be grateful that you are not in that situation.

Love reading your blog!

Elizabeth said...

Your house is so cool!!!

Lisa said...

I love the Vivian line.....that is so dear!!

And I hope things come together for you with the dresses and the sick baby, etc........ :(

Morgan Moore said...

Holy crap the 3rd floor bath is AMAZING. I want to move in! Your hard work is totally paying off!! Are you guys doing ALL the work yourself??