Friday, July 2, 2010

Prettying up the place

A year ago (two years ago?) Curtis and I bought some fencing for our yard space. For a number of reasons it never got installed. Now we're glad we waited because we finally have a reasonable space to fence in - although it's not really fencing anything in. It's just decorative.
Before (A few years ago):


ANYWAY, with the new lawn, I think the fence looks really good!

It's SO FUN to see our outside finally catching up with the inside. (I say it's "fun to see" because I'm just doing the watching - Curtis is doing all the hard work, like installing stuff and making sure the lawn is always watered.)

Before (Feb 2003, when first purchased):

(Look at happy and naive. Nice broken and boarded up windows, huh?)


Another before and after:

Quite the difference, huh? I know the shots are from different perspectives, but it is the same space!

A shot of Curtis instructing the kids to NOT HANG ON THE FENCE. (Hah. Good luck to us with that.)

Also, Betty is officially a toddler. In the last few weeks she's pretty much left crawling behind and is just so delighted with walking upright.

CUTE. (If I do say so myself...)

I think our lawn looks so big in this shot. It's not really quite so expansive (I wish).

We have big plans for plants in flowers in front of fence (the street side). That will take a few years to do properly, I think, but I'm sure we'll put some bulbs in this fall. I really need to do research to decide what I want to put in. I have a vision of taller plants/flowers close up to the fence, gradually decreasing in height closer to the street.

Also, we're kind of psyched about holidays with this fence. I mean is this fence custom-made for a Halloween graveyard tableaux or what? I also can't wait to drape evergreen garland at Christmas...maybe with white twinkle lights?

And, lest you all think we're getting too big for our britches with our fancied up house, we still have our really classy door here. Complete with broken/flapping in the breeze screen. We have joked for years(!) about it being our security system - with a crappy front door like this, could there really be anything of value inside?

The door's going to go. One thing at a time.

Also, we have a lovely assortment of trash cans and tarps back here. So pretty!

(I'm going to say this is our Mess Of The Week shot.)


Lisa said...

Yay, fun!! The grass is so lovely and the fence is fantastic and boy oh boy, that little Betty-boo is just as cute as she could be! No surprise, really, what with her predecessors being so darn cute, but still. :)

Katie Casas said...

Looking good! Can't wait to see how you decorate the fence for all the holidays and seasons. And, yes, Betty is just way too cute!

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Your house is beautiful - such charm and what a difference! We are moving in August and I can't wait to start the remodeling process.