Sunday, January 15, 2012


...we had a little holiday called Christmas, too.  We usually go to my parents' house a few days before Christmas and stay through the big day.  Some people have said to me that they could not imagine packing up all the presents and stockings and necessary clothes, food, etc., to spend the holiday there but I tell you, I couldn't imagine not doing it.  Knowing that so much of my family was all hanging out at my parents', playing Speed Scrabble and overeating, while we were less than two hours away would be just too sad.  I love my family!

So, we did what we usually do and arrived the day before the annual Christmas party, in just enough time to hang out, make some cookies with some super aunties.

Then there was the Christmas party, with its usual cast of characters:

On Christmas Eve, we did hors d'ouevres (and baked mac & cheese) for dinner.  It's become a tradition and it's so fun!  Lots of tasty little bites, easier to prepare than a whole meal and when you light candles, it feels fancy (even with little kids and paper plates).

Christmas there anything cuter than a two-year-old coming down the stairs with her uncle?  I think not.


Assad showing off the throw that all the kids got for Christmas from Mom and Dad.  (Mom also made everyone a photo calender, which is awesome!)

The Rice kids all got sleeping bags for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa Rice, which they LOVED.  Such a hit!

The rest of the day was spent doing things like this...

...and getting into snow gear... go outside...

...and check out the bonfire over at Jesse and Sherry's.

(And there was a tractor.  There's always a tractor these days.  Those guys always find a reason.)

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Lisa said...

Glorious!! I love your family.
Hope your home is on its way to being a puke-free zone...