Friday, January 27, 2012

Way old stuff

Ok.  Stuff I meant to blog last summer and never did, coming right up!

We made this little gate thingy for our driveway to remind our kids not to get too close to the road.  It's not actually a fence, obviously, but it works pretty well.  They just need to be reminded of the limits.

It also works as a deterrent to people driving in the driveway while the kids are playing. They can park on the road and then nobody (mama) gets nervous.

The kids loooove getting the mail and our mailman, Jimbo, is their favorite guy.
And now, a few things I made...

A quilt for my Annie baby. 

A Fourth of July birthday cake for Curtis (at Tommy and Laurie's annual 4th of July bash).  This was three days before Annie was born and yes, I did drink that whole case of Bud.  Mmmmm.

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Ezra said...

fantastic pics! And I think I see Cris in the background on your cake pic!