Thursday, January 19, 2012

Move over, Katie Couric

This could be the start of something big.  I can see us now, in our fine evening wear, beaming proudly as our daughter accepts her first Emmy for broadcast journalism and we think back to this day, the day it all began...

Vivian read her own version of the MLK "I Have a Dream" speech to the whole school today during morning announcements.

Here, you can see it for yourself:

(Fair warning: this will likely only be interesting for grandmas and aunties.)

Wow, was she excited.  Almost as excited as her sweet teacher, Mrs. D.  The whole office staff was pretty excited for her, actually.  You can hear the applause at the end and then the principal came out and gave her a big hug and said she started tearing up when she heard Vivian's speech.  Aww.  (Viv also got an impressive round of applause from a third-grade class as she walked back to her classroom.  CUTE.)

In case you couldn't hear Viv speaking (it's kind of quiet), here's the speech.

I have a dream that one day my family will have a room finished so Annie will have a room.

I have a dream that one day my school will get right down to work.

I have a dream that my world will never fight.

With the exception of dream #3, not exactly the lofty goals that Dr. King had, but still.  Not too bad for a kindergartener.

Curtis kept shaking his head at the "I have a dream that one day my family will have a room finished so Annie will have a room" line.

He said "It sounds like I'm some lazy guy who's not doing anything, or like we don't have any rooms finished at all!"

I reassured him that I was pretty sure people wouldn't think that at all.  Pretty sure.

We took a few minutes to visit Kathryn's classroom as well, and it turned into an impromptu show-and-tell with Annie.

Such an excellent big sister.


Lisa said...

Aaaaaw!!!!! I lovelovelovelove it!!! So adorable...and #3 is quite lofty! Aaaand...yeah, I think Curtis didn't get a fair shake. You should have her take in a photo slide show of all the finished rooms and present it to the whole school! Hehe...

ESOdhiambo said...

Great speech and REALLY impressive writing for a kindergartner!