Friday, February 12, 2010

Future projects

I'm so excited for all this cool fabric I have, just waiting for me to get motivated enough to do something with it. Actually, I have so many half-finished projects right now that it's not so much motivation that's keeping me from getting started with this fabric as it is priorities. I have a yo-yo pillow that is almost finished (it never got finished in time for Christmas and now I'm just sick of seeing it hanging around!), a blanket project that I need to finish before Curtis's birthday on July 4 (and that one is going to take a loooong time, you'll see) and the pennant banners for Evan and Jenni's wedding.

So, when that stuff is under control, I can get going on some of this stuff. The green/blue/brown fabrics are for a quilt for Dexter. I'm thinking a twin size, but I'm not sure which bed he's going to end up in permanently, so we'll see. I'm also undecided if I'm going to do my regular quilt thing, which is just squares. I'm thinking maybe various-sized rectangles sewn together, sort of modern looking? I don't know. I'm not that hip, in the crafty sense (or any sense, really, unless we're talking the hip-size sense, and we're still working with Weight Watchers on that one, thankyouverymuch).

The pink and blue fabrics are for baby girl quilts for...I don't know who right now. Someone always seems to be having a baby and I just liked these fabrics so I thought I'd keep them on hand for someday.


libby said...

I love the way you put different fabrics together, Abbey. You have an eye that sees the possibilities that I totally miss! I especially like the pink fabrics, and I like Dexter's quilt ones too. Hope you're feeling better now. Any more throw-up episodes?

Gwennie said...

I love you Abbey!!!

Mobile Mick said...

Those are all goooorgeous fabrics!

I wish I could call dibs on that baby girl quilt, but we haven't loosed the hounds on that one yet, so to speak, so I guess I shouldn't be preemptive and greedy. :)

--Lisa (on Michael's computer)