Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hillary Mount James Sparkle

This morning the kids put on a fashion show (which lasted approximately 2.3 seconds...about the right length, I thought) in their pjs. I don't have pictures because the camera was downstairs, but perhaps that's better as Viv was actually stark naked, save for several hairbands on her wrists (bracelets) and a whole bunch of colorful hair clips. When Kathryn came sashaying out (from behind Betty's crib) she announced "By Hillary Mount James Sparkle!" Dex didn't really know what was going on but he was game, whatever it was. He walked around a bit, too, in just a diaper, having already shed his pajamas.

Oh, the things parents think are hilarious.

Speaking of Dex in diapers...he went #2 in the toilet today! You may not understand (if you are not currently or have not been recently the parents of a small child) but that is a big deal. He got TWO M&Ms for that and a whole lot of praise.

Here are a few random photos. The first two are from our ride home from church. I always have lunches for the kids to eat on the way home because it's a 45 minute drive.

And, just because they're cute.

They sort of remind me of free kittens in a box outside of a grocery store.


Libby said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this post!!! Made me laugh and laugh. Keep it up kids...and keep it up, Abbey. Where does Kathryn get the words???

Gwennie said...

Love Dex's smile in this pix...and how organized are you ...lunch on the way home from church?? That means that you have to take the time to MAKE them before you leave...way to go :)

Lisa said...

Well when your church is an hour (or more?) away, Gwennie...I think taking lunch for after church is not only brilliant, but necessary! Great job, Abs!

ADORABLE post as always! I would definitely have to drag myself away from that box if it were left in front of a grocery store...which one? Can't have ALL...aaaw...too cute to choose just one!