Monday, February 15, 2010


Saturday morning conversation with Vivian:
Viv: "Mom, can I wear this dress today?"
Me: "That's actually a nightgown. Let's get daytime clothes on."
Viv: "You call it a nightgown. I call it a dress."
Me: "Oh. Well, ok. I guess."


On Saturday morning I made a Valentine's Day breakfast. Even though the actual holiday wasn't until the following day, we get up early for church so there's no opportunity for a fun breakfast.

The kids with their raspberry jam faces:

For dessert that evening I made a cake with a strawberry sauce and whipped cream. Add sprinkles to anything and the kids think it's the best dessert ever. EVER.

And, the just because they're cute photo: watching Blues Clues on our television, which was Curtis's grandmother's - the first TV in Pleasant Grove, Utah. She won it in a raffle in 1950, I think. Grandma Wells gave it to Curtis several years ago (it had been sitting in their basement for years and years, broken) and he shipped it here from Utah. After determining that it really couldn't be fixed, he took the old TV tube out, bought a new TV and put it in the old cabinet through the back. It has doors that shut, too. It's so cool.


Gwennie said...

I love my neices and nephews....wish I could spend more time with them :(

Amy of Progressive Pioneer said...

I love that TV! TVs should either be invisible, or proudly a funky, retro centerpiece:)