Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Me, not her. I'm sick today. She's just upset that I finally put her down.

Not quite sure what's wrong, but I started feeling nauseated last night, felt barfy all night and still feel so. (No, I am NOT pregnant! Just to get that out there. I think it's some kind of bug.) So, things that I am thankful for:
  • children's programming on TV
  • stacks of children's books
  • having cleaned the kitchen last night before I started feeling really awful - I prefer to be sick in a clean space
  • Cheerios - couldn't be easier and the kids love them
  • kids who don't mind being in pajamas all day (UPDATE - except Viv who insisted on getting dressed)

This is Vivian upset because her sister wouldn't let her read the counting book the way she wanted to. Or something like that. Somebody was bossing somebody.

She stopped crying after I showed her all the pictures I took of her while she was crying. :)

Things I am not thankful for are super-foul diapers that I have to change while trying not to lose my (non-existent) lunch and a 9-month-old who doesn't understand that mommy is sick and really can't hold her all day. (UPDATE - she's sleeping now, thank heaven.)

I'm hoping Curtis gets home from court soon and might be able to let me get a nap in or something. Darn all those people who want to talk to their lawyer today. (UPDATE - he's home and just finishing up some work in the office before he takes over down here with the kids - double thank heaven!!)

While I do feel lousy, I remind myself I could feel this way in Haiti. Or even feel healthy in Haiti - either way, I'm grateful to be in my home.

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Lucky Star said...

I hope you're feeling better!
And I might just be inspired to start a blog again...

P.S. This is Lisa McMahan :)