Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boring post

Hey! Another boring post with no pictures of cute kids. Whatever. It's my blog, I'll be boring if I feel like it.

The Nesting Project is going well here at Casa de Rice. So far I have:

  • sorted/culled/organized the kids' art supplies (a bigger job than you might think)

  • organized puzzles

  • cleaned out the plastic wrap/tin foil/plastic bag drawer (and apparently I was anticipating the apocalypse when plastic bags, etc., would be hard to get because I had a LOT of stuff in there)

  • cleaned out the fridge

  • cleaned off the top of the fridge (yuuuuck)

  • sewed a button on a bag, a task I have been putting off for a month

  • sorted through bibs, washcloths and dishtowels, saving only the ones that weren't shockingly stained or frayed

  • deep-cleaned Betty's high chair

  • sorted through lots of toys

  • repaired a beloved children's book

  • cleaned out my purse

  • sorted through various small piles of "stuff," the kind of piles that grow because I'm not sure if this screw actually goes to something important or if this battery is still good or because I always intend to superglue that toy horsie's leg back on...

I feel like I should be getting more done, but as it turns out, my back does not feel the same way. It, apparently, is of the opinion that I should be sitting down. So I'm doing some of that, too, but not for long. I have a carpet to shampoo and a closet to clean!

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