Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Red, white and blue

I can't help myself. I theme-dress my kids whenever I get the chance (and if I'm not too tired on that particular day). So, of course, this applies to Memorial Day.

LOVE this dress! I have a great photo of Vivian wearing this dress a few years ago at the Rumford Memorial Day parade (the same parade shown here). Betty was quite happy about the parade, her dress and especially having a flag to wave.

Viv looks rather grumpy but was actually in a fine mood. She was just refusing to cooperate with the photographer at this moment.

The parade was a mix of fire trucks (and other emergency vehicles), veterans, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, one high school band, one senator (Snowe) and exactly two floats. Impressive as always.

Oh, and some candy, smashed to bits when it hit the pavement.

Still, we had fun and went out for breakfast after. We probably should have stuck around for the end of the parade when they dedicated a memorial to a local soldier, Buddy McLaine, who was killed recently in Afghanistan. But the kids were hot and hungry and I'm all pregnant, etc., so.... We did make a point of talking to the kids several times about what Memorial Day is all about.

Look at this. The kids love their dad. A lot.


Ethan said...

Beautiful, Ab.

Anonymous said...

so very sweet, especially that last photo!
you've been on my mind lately! i hope you are feeling well as you near the pregnancy finish line!