Thursday, June 16, 2011

Teepee (or tipi?)

Is there a proper way to spell that word? Is one more PC than the other? Am I supposed to be calling it something else entirely or not making one of these Native American-Inspired Tent Structures at all because of my extreme European heritage? I don't know. But anyway, I made one for the kids. And we call it a teepee (tipi?)

Curtis's Grandma Clayton (who Vivian was named after) made his family one back in the late 70s or early 80s and he loved it muchly. It still survives, all these years later, and I saw it in person a few years ago out in California when we were visiting for Christmas. Curtis's mom pulled it out of the closet for the grandkids and I thought it was pretty darned cool. So, FINALLY, I got around to making one for the kids. Curtis and I both thought the tradition needed carrying on.

We bought the fabric and PVC pipe late last summer but then I never actually made it. I think I was intimidated. I had no pattern and only a vague idea of how to put it together. But during April vacation (I think?) I brought all the stuff up to my parents' house and over a few days my sister-in-law Sherry and I worked on it and finally got it done! Sherry is a genius and I'm sure it would not have come out nearly as well if she hadn't been in on the project. She has a very "can do" attitude that is SO handy.

We traced the hands of all the available cousins (there are, obviously, quite a few missing) on fabric of each kid's choosing and then I stitched the cutouts on the tent. Here Dexter points out his blue handprint. We even put a little handprint on for Annie, though she isn't with us quite yet. (That was Curtis's idea...I know, awwww).

It provides welcome shade from the sun (Viv was in there reading books with Betty for a long time today!) and a place to have a clubhouse or eat a sandwich.

We can actually fit quite a few people in there!

I think it sort of adds to the ambiance of the yard.

Check out Curtis kicking the ball there! It's the kids' current favorite thing - seeing how high Daddy can kick the ball. Sometimes he even gets it on the roof and they all think that is amaaaaazing!

Speaking of the yard, it's coming along. We still have a lot to do and a lot to learn about gardening, but it's a start.


Gwennie said...

Ab...your TeePee puts my kids "fort" to shame..when do you find time to do this kind of thing...and the yard looks great...cant wait to see it in a few to all

rjblumenberg said...

you never cease to amaze and inspire me abbey!
awesome yard, awesome Teepee!!
hope all is well

ESOdhiambo said...

LOVE IT! My kids would be very jealous, if only they could conceive of such a thing.