Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sixth birthday, extended version

Since my last two posts were picture-free and sort of boring (who cares what I got cleaned last week? well, I do, but that's beside the point...) I'm going craaaazy with the photos today.

Kathryn turned six on Monday (!!!) but we had her birthday party a few weeks before, on the 11th. There were just too many things going on the following weekends and we wanted to make sure her party didn't get squeezed out. She wanted a mermaid theme (she specified that she did NOT want "The Little Mermaid" Disney movie, just "regular mermaids") so I made a mermaid cake. Apparently, this mermaid went spray tanning before posing for this cake. That's the only good explanation I can come up with for the orange skin.

We had big plans for outdoor water fun (sprinklers, kiddie pool) but since Mother Nature decided to have some outdoor water fun of her own in the form of rain, we kept it all inside. The kids didn't seem to care. They just ran around like crazy people. Kids are good at that.

We had a pinata, too, which was fun, although I was a bit annoyed at having to purchase a Tinkerbell one. The only other choices at our fine Wal-Mart (Wal-Mart! curse you and your convenient proximity to my home!) were Disney Princesses (barf) and Sponge Bob (double barf). Oh, and Spiderman. I phoned Kathryn from Wal-Mart and consulted with her and Tinkerbell was deemed acceptable. If I was a good mom (and it wasn't the night before the party), I would have made a homemade one. Oh well.

Opening presents. The kids had all gotten into the dress-up box, which explains the Davey Crockett hat and the lei.

Poor Dex. He got bonked on the head by falling candy and Matchbox cars when the pinata opened up.

Blowing out candles.

On Kathryn's ACTUAL birthday, Monday, June 27, she woke up at 5 a.m. and bounced into bed, declaring herself the birthday girl. I declared her insane and told her to go back to bed for a few hours. TOO EARLY.

Later that day, at a reasonable hour, we went out to lunch and then to Wal-Mart to buy her a promised bike and helmet. Pink. Barbie. Whoah.

(Just a cute photo of Viv in a dress Kathryn got for her 5th birthday.)

Monday evening we had Kathryn's best friend Paige and her mom and brother over for cupcakes. Betty surely had fun eating hers.

I let the kids pick out a bunch of sprinkles to put on their cupcakes.

They loaded them up!

My kids cannot understand how I can eat a cupcake without sprinkles. I cannot understand how they can eat so MANY sprinkles on one cupcake.

Curtis got out our new bubble machine and the kids were over-the-moon ecstatic with the sheer number of bubbles spewing out of the little machine.

Then Curtis started blowing big bubbles, too, the old fashioned way and they were in heaven.

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