Tuesday, June 7, 2011

From the artist still known as Viv

What's going one here? Two posts in one day, you say? Well I don't know. I have had these photos for about two or three weeks now and it's just time to post them.

And I'm avoiding cleaning up the kitchen. Sitting my 8-months pregnant self down and writing a blog post (while simultaneously wishing for some fairy godmother to make me a sandwich...hmmm...where is that Curtis?) seems like more fun that kitchen duty.

The photos. Right.

Vivian is our Focused Child. When she gets it in her head to do a project (usually arts and crafts related) she can work on it for HOURS on end. Literally. A few weeks ago she discovered this foam paper stuff that had a sticky back (peel off the paper and it's sticky) and spent more than a few hours creating these masterpieces over a few days.

She decided she wanted to have a museum to display these fine works of art so I strung some yarn in front of the downstairs mantle and clipped them up for her. The pom-pom ball art was a bit of an afterthought for her. She wasn't done creating art but had run out of foam sheets, so this had to do.

And here she is, in an outfit of her own choosing (of course - always) and with her hair done by me according to her exact specifications.

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