Monday, June 6, 2011

Crazy for the princess stuff

It used to be that when people would say things like "what little girl doesn't want to be a princess" I would sort of internally roll my eyes, because I'm sure there are LOTS of little girls who don't want to be princesses and are probably bored to tears by fluffy dresses, sparkles and crowns. I'm not saying I'm PERSONALLY princess-averse...many of you know what I was doing in the early morning hours of April 29. Oh yes, I watched the Royal Wedding with great interest and have a bit of a girl-crush on Kate Middleton and love the pretty clothes and all that. I just think that just because one is female, one is not neccessarily into the Princess Stuff.

I also thought, before I had children, that if little girls were all princessed-out it was probably pushed or at least encouraged by the parents who thought it was Just So Cute that little Chelsea or Maddy or whoever was obsessed with Disney princesses.

While that is probably true to an extent, I am here to testify, as the mother of three little girls, they are into princesses and I did not push this on them. No ma'am. Sure, they were exposed by some great hand-me-down dress-up clothes, a few coloring books and two puzzles I can think of, but they have LATCHED onto that stuff like nobody's business (even thought they have tons and tons of other toys, very non-princess-y). They looooove the princess stuff (Viv especially).

Anyway, all of that to say that they were thrilled when they got to go to a Princess Party a few weekends ago. Kathryn's best friend's family was putting it on to raise money for the American Cancer Society (via their Relay for Life team) and quite a lot of kids showed up! The girls had lots and lots of fun with all the activities.

Kathryn spent probably the first hour coloring this picture. She was very focused and was not interested in the others games or activities until she had finished the picture to perfection.

Vivi, on the hand, rushed right off to try EVERYTHING. She won this wand after (finally!) getting a beanbag in the hole. (After she did all the activities, it was her turn at the coloring table for a good 45 minutes of intense coloring.)

Nail painting - there were so many polishes to choose from!! I think she ended up with about four different colors, spread over both hands.

She made her own crown and then got her makeup done.

Finally, Kathryn got her nails and makeup done...

...and her hair done by "Princess Jasmine" (from the Disney movie "Aladdin"_.

A group shot of most of the kids who attended the party. Note the three "princes," one of whom was Kathryn's best pal Paige's little brother who apparently had a hard time choosing between coming to the party with his mom or going with his father to buy tractor parts. He seemed to be having a good time...hope he didn't miss tractor-part-buying time with his dad too much.

There was a "parade" of sorts downtown at one point. The kids got to walk around and wave one at all. It was the weekend...downtown isn't exactly hopping then.


Anonymous said...

Fine form, Abigail!! (Though we all know that's not your name, it's always been fun to call you that in times of great excitement...or whatever).

Lovely post, lovely girls. And I love that they are so into it! It's darling...

Gwennie said...

What a childhood they are having Ab....good on ya :) I mean its no hiding from the bad guys in the weeds/iris bushes in the front yard when a car drives by but it will do :) cant wait to see you in less than 5 weeks :)