Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter decor

I finally took down the Valentine's decorations a few days ago. I know...Valentine's Day was over a month ago. I thought they were so cute, plus, I was lazy... Anyway, we now have Easter decorations up. I'm not as in love with my Easter decorations as I am with some of my other holiday decorations. I made these eggs a few years ago and I think they're just ok.

Vivian was explaining a new game to me this morning (some kind of a game to celebrate Owen and Marci's new baby) and she was telling me in what order people would play this game and why. Each reason was something good about that person, and although I can't remember everything she said, here's what I do remember:

Iris, "because she's my best friend"
Isaac, "because he's friendly so much"
something about Jenni's smile
Nain, "because she gives me food at her house"
Taid, "because he gives me hugs"
Sherry, because she lets us play at her house"
Kathryn, "because she's my sister"

She had a few more that I didn't catch, and then she ran out of steam when Kathryn kept reminding her of all the various aunts, uncles and cousins she had missed. She said that was it! and that no one else could come and play. I think she got overwhelmed by our sheer numbers. Can't imagine why.

In other news (news? it's not that interesting), I've been working on some sewing projects lately.
The banners for Evan and Jenni's wedding.

A baby girl quilt for a friend


Dawnelle Anderson said...

I want to know when you have time to sew and what your kids are doing when you are sewing and doing crafts.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love that yellow floral!