Thursday, March 18, 2010

She's famous!

So, Mary was on "The Good Wife" a few weeks ago but you couldn't really see her too well- she was in the back and kinda fuzzy.

But THIS week - she's a superstar! She was on "Ugly Betty" and, as you can see, she was right behind the star of the show, America Ferrera (Mary is the redhead, in case you didn't know). I think she looks gorgeous (of course).

She's got some more stuff coming up - another episode of "The Good Wife" and an HBO show in the fall called "Boardwalk Empire." She plays a 1930's-era prostitute in that one - ! No lines on any of these shows yet, but it'll come. She's workin' it!


Amy of Progressive Pioneer said...

Yay Mary! That's so exciting!

Lisa said...

I'm so proud!! She is lovely, and I'm certain she will end up a STAR!