Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Pat's

I actually forgot today was St. Patrick's Day until breakfast. I had sort of planned on a green-themed breakfast, but it was a little late by the time I remembered...the kids were already through their toast and well into their yogurt. Nothing green there.
I asked Kathryn what green food we should have to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and she thought for a moment..."Well, spinach is green, but it's not that celebratey." True.

I decided to try my hand at Irish soda bread. I've neither eaten nor baked it before, but I figured I could handle it. It really wasn't hard and I had everything I needed except for the buttermilk, which I picked up at the store on the way home from the dentist (AGAIN...yuck) along with some cute little potted shamrocks.

The bread turned out great. The recipe is here I, however, used butter instead of margarine and used about 1/2 the amount of melted butter and buttermilk for brushing on the top.

It really was good, especially warm from the oven with butter. But really, what isn't?

I also made some broccoli cheese soup. It was...sort of green. I got the recipe at also. It's a great site. Don't judge me for the Velveeta it calls for. I use Velveeta about twice a year in soups like this and I always feel like I'm buying condoms or something when I pick it up at the store...I try to hide it underneath my produce and whole wheat bread and hope no one sees me. So ridiculous.

Anyway, it was good, too.


Our little family said...

I made soda bread too, and it was delicious! It got rave reviews from the kids. I'm thinking it would be wonderful if you put berries in it, like blueberries, and make muffins with it. I loved the texture. But it was more like a breakfast bread than a dinner bread. I also made colcannon and corned beef (couldn't find lamb anywhere.)

You're hilarious. "Buying Velveeta is like buying condoms!" I laughed at that one. :) That's how I feel when I admit that I actually like Velveeta. Then I have to justify it, "But I had it with a side of wheat sprouts!"

Libby said...

Again, you got me laughing out loud with this one, Abbey. Condoms, indeed!!! Everytime I think of Velveeta I think of Aunt Nell buying it for me when you kids were just little. They came out to visit and she wanted to buy me groceries (probably thought that you guys weren't getting enough to eat with our budget!), and picked out some Velveeta and told me how many different things I could do with it. Even then I knew that it wasn't "health food"! :-)

Stephanie said...

LOL. . .never would I have thought that velveeta and condoms would be used in the same sentence.

Lisa said...

DYING laughing over your velveeta/condom comparison!! That's how I feel, too.

Tami said...

Hey Abbey!
I have a really yummy broccoli cheese soup recipe that doesn't require condoms, I mean Velveeta. It's at work, I'll email it soon.
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Foodie shame--it'll haunt you.