Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This and that

Kathryn: "Mom, I'm starting my own blog."
Me: "Really?"
Kathryn: "Yep. Pretty much every time I watch a show I pretend I'm taking pictures for my blog."
Me: "Cool."


I haven't posted for a while, so what we have here are an assortment of photos from the last few days.

This one cracks me up. I'm not sure which girl did this, but one of them apparently thought this horsie should have a seat at the table in the dollhouse and have some cupcakes. Why not.
Dex got his second haircut on Friday night. We really didn't know what we were doing. Curtis did his best, then I took a shot and made it worse. Oh well. We're learning and you can't really tell what a terrible job we did unless you're really looking. It's pretty bad, though.
On Saturday morning after breakfast, we took a walk to the library. It was such a nice day!
The kids had lots of fun choosing books and playing with the toys.

Kathryn insisted on carrying her own bag of books home. She was pretty determined.

Betty fell asleep in the backpack on the way home
and stayed sleeping while I vacuumed up all the sand we tracked in.
Monday was another beautiful-get-outside-and-enjoy-it day for the kids. Kathryn found a worm (named Squirmy Wormy) and she and Dex spent a long time "playing" with it until I finally took pity on the worm and put an end to the torture.

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Libby said...

I love seeing these pictures and learning what you're doing day by day. It's a wonderful life, isn't it?